The Steam Cabinet Effect


Scientific research has revealed evidence that steam cabinet therapy can be effective in increasing the body’s immune response. The reason for this is that a steam bath creates the same effect in the body as a fever. As the temperature rises, immune activity rises as well. Some years ago, the Mayo clinic reported that artificially induced fever raises the white blood cell count by an average of 58%. Some also report increases in the activity of the white blood cells. Another added benefit of using a steam cabinet is stress reduction. In the next post, we’ll talk about safety precautions and some techniques for getting the maximum benefits from steam therapy.

Steam Cabinet Therapy


I learned about the benefits of steam therapy from my wife who is a physical therapist. Before we owned our own steam cabinet, she took some plastic (2 mil, I think) and made a sort of giant poncho out of it, with a little hole for a person to poke their head through. By draping that over you and sitting on a wooden or plastic chair with a hot plate and kettle under the chair, you’ve got a cheap Russian steam bath. It does work, even though it’s a bit cumbersome. Purchasing a steam sauna however has made it much easier and gives us more control in terms of how hot we want the steam bath to be. Without the extra work, we’re more likely to do it. I’ll share what kind we purchased in a future post.

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